About Us

Back in 2001 Steve Carvajal got tired of constantly making adjustments on his 6 year old son's bike just to make the components work properly. The only components available at that time for small bikes were shrunk down versions of big bike components. The geometry on those didn't seem to have been reconfigured to fit the smaller bike or it's rider so they didn't work as well as they could have.

Since Steve had a background in machining he started playing around with designing and machining components that would fit, and more importantly, WORK on his son's bike. After many hours and days spent measuring the bike and rider, and testing of the parts, he finally came up with parts that worked, and worked well.

People at the track started noticing the components and the difference they made on his son's riding. They started asking how they could get their hands on the same thing. Since there were no companies specializing in race components for kids Steve decided to start his own company, doing just that. He named the company Little Dude Components in honor of his son, Stevie, who was a "little dude" at the time and the inspiration behind the product. Since that time LDC has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers in the BMX industry. We now have a full line of BMX components for ALL size racers.